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Welcome to Rijeka


Rijeka's Beaches
Find refreshment on Rijeka’s beaches!
When warmer, sunnier days arrive, thoughts simply wander towards beaches. Rijeka has plenty of them and thanks to the moderate climate, the bathing season lasts from spring to late autumn. Where to go? Go
wherever you like, from the west to the east or vice versa. Rijeka can offer ideal places under the sun for everyone.

The Ploče beach is the most recent and the most organized beach in Rijeka.
It is situated below the swimming pools on Kantrida and it has become a new high quality summer meeting place that is busy during the day and night offering various activities combined with cleanliness and safety. The Kostanj beach is the first beach in Croatia that is entirely adapted to the disabled. It is equipped with a lift to help swimmers into the sea and it is situated in the western part of the city between Bivija and the Preluk bay.
When speaking of Preluk, let us start at the beginning. Preluk is a surfer’s paradise. Perfect winds throughout the year offer early morning surfing fun and joy. Alongside shingle and concrete beaches, there is a camping site with its own beach and for those wanting solitude, there are rocks all the way to the coastal road connecting Preluk with Bivija. Skalete, Lungomare, Kostanj, Akademija, the “S” curve… all are names of bathing locations in this area. All the way to Kantrida, where, besides the already mentioned beauty of Ploče, you will find the Brgudi, Igralište, Vila Nora and Razbojna beaches.
Heading east, there are beaches on Pećine that were the bathing and swimming destination of the Mediterranean in the 19th century together with the Riviera in Crikvenica and Opatija. These are: Križić, Sablićevo and Vila Olga, then Glavanovo, Srebrena, Ružićevo and Grčevo.
All these beaches can be reached by city buses, and there are parking areas for cars. The beaches for dogs, on Kantrida and Brajdica, offer unlimited bathing for your fluffy pets. What else is there to say than: see for yourself! Each day during your stay in Rijeka, you can visit a different beach and experience something new. Enjoy!
Food and drink
Rijeka Gastronomic Ports
Enter the largest Croatian port and together we will set off on an incredible gastronomic journey. Discover the beautiful and beneficial Rijeka climate with the diverse and rich flavours of this area. The air in the port is filled with the scent of fresh seafood, herbs and spices, while the soothing sound of the waves washing over the shore provides a placid backdrop for the forthcoming thrills.
An array of restaurants, each boasting a unique charm, wait to be discovered and promise a memorable experience for everyone venturing into this culinary haven. Some offer a variety of dishes in the open air with a view of the port, while others provide cosy interiors that beckon you to make yourself comfortable and unwind.
But what truly makes this gastronomic port stand out is the food. From the freshest seafood caught just a few hours prior, to exotic international dishes – the choice is yours. Specialised chefs take pride in their craft, handpicking the finest ingredients and expertly preparing mind-blowingly delectable meals.
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